The Mystery Saucer from Germany

A Lucky Find


A local gentleman, Jerry Lail, found a porcelain saucer emblazoned with Advent's façade. He gave it to Advent's priest, Fr. Paul Wanter (, who passed it along to the church. Lail was heard to comment that he "was buying his stairway to heaven."

Where Did It Come From?


The back side of he saucer, which is about 6" across, reveals its origins. Google was not much help with "R.H. Jones," though this article (click HERE) may refer to the same person. "Wheelock" appears to have been an importer of souvenir porcelain china from Germany and Austria in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Click HERE.

It's A Print?


The artwork, which is quite good, is only about 3" across. The image was (or may have been) taken from a postcard, sent to Europe for processing and turned into a transfer print which was then applied to the china. Transfer prints were black-and-white at first, but later were  in color, eliminating the step of coloring by hand. The final pieces were glazed and fired before export to the U.S. Click HERE. Read a Baltimore Sun story HERE.

Original Photo?


A 1901 photo of Advent shows very similar trees and ivy to what is depicted on the saucer. Any and all feedback is welcome from anyone who would like to research this and add details.



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