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This Sunday at 11: Easter Service; Friday at Noon & 6:30: Good Friday

Quote of the Day

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”


Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)

UPCOMING: Holy Week, Easter, Giving Workshop

This Sunday is Easter


This Sunday, April 21, is Easter, Year C. The lector is Dan and the altar guild is B.T. See the vestment and altar colors, and readings, by clicking HERE and selecting the date.

Recently, church member Darlene rolled out the first of her monthly birthday and anniversary parties that she will be throwing for anyone who has a birthday or anniversary in a given month. The next party is May 19. So, don’t be shy about revealing when your birthday or anniversary is. Reach Darlene at Thanks Darlene!

The next Vestry meeting is April 28.

Good Friday, Holy Saturday


Good Friday is April 19, with two services — noon and 6:30 p.m. The noon service is Stations of the Cross. You can view photos of the Stations carvings with the names of the youth who carved them in 1980 by clicking HERE. The evening service is The Liturgy of Good Friday.


Holy Saturday is April 20, with the Great Vigil of Easter service at 7:30 p.m.

Easter Day is April 21, with the Festival of Holy Eucharist at 11 a.m. For the calendar and readings, click HERE.  Special guest music is planned by Chris Mashburn, Julie Lucky and Will Lucky. They will be performing with a trombone and two trumpets alongside Betsy Steiner, our organist.

Diocesan Planned Giving Workshop


One of the most important ways in which our Diocese can help individual congregations is to help them find financial security.

The Diocesan Development Committee is offering a Planned Giving Workshop starting at 9.30 on May 11th at Holy Trinity Church, Georgetown. Financial planning experts from the Episcopal Church Foundation will lead the workshop. The diocese hopes that every congregation will send at least one representative to this event.

As was announced at convention, the diocese has partnered with the ECF to help manage a portion of its endowment. In order to encourage participation the bishop is offering $350 to each congregation who opens an account with the ECF.

One of the most important vehicles for growing an endowment is a managed program of Planned Giving. This workshop will provide each congregation with the tools to develop their own Planned Giving Campaign.

To register go to:


Macie Morehouse, granddaughter of Shirley Roberts, learns to ring the bell on April  7. Dan Clifford lends a hand. Macie grabs the rope a bit too high at first, but soon masters the long pull. Brother Case Morehouse and cousin Aspen Irwin watch. Video by Darlene Scovell.

In the News: Medical $, ‘Lutherpalian,’ Candidate Buttigieg

Episcopalians Remember, Reflect, Pray for Notre Dame Cathedral after Massive Fire


While the world watched in stunned disbelief as Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames April 15, many people, including Episcopalians, took to social media to post photos of their visits to the iconic church and offer prayers for the people of Paris. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry joined with the Very Rev. Lucinda Laird, dean of the American Cathedral in Paris, and Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe Bishop in Charge Mark D.W. Edington, to offer “our sincere condolences and our readiness to offer any hospitality that would be of help to the community and congregation of Notre Dame in this most holy season of the faith we share.” Read the full story by clicking HERE.

Four Lutheran and Episcopalian Churches in Maryland Go “Lutherpalian”


Recent Episcopal-Lutheran merges in Maryland are just part of the outgrowth of the two Churches’ full communion back in 2001. Nationwide there are about 65 Episcopal-Lutheran partnerships of various kinds. Communion at the most recent merger Arbutus, Md., looks a bit different from Communion at most Episcopal congregations: Worshippers choose between wine and grape juice, with the option of drinking out of small individual cups instead of the common cup. Read the full story by clicking HERE.

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg: Episcopal, Veteran, Married, Gay


Pete Buttigieg [pronounced “but-uh-judge”], who announced his presidential candidacy on April 14, is married, a Navy veteran, openly gay and “openly Christian,” which may be an approach that challenges the notion that faith is a card only to be played by the right. His campaign has announced it has cleared the 65,000-donor threshold necessary to earn a spot in the Democratic debates in June. Buttigieg has said: “...we have this totally warped idea of what Christianity should be like when it comes into the public sphere, and it’s mostly about exclusion, which is the last thing that I imbibe when I take in scripture in church.” Read the The Wall Street Journal story by clicking HERE. Read the New York Magazine opinion piece by clicking HERE.”

What does “Episcopal” mean?

The Episcopal Church is “Protestant, yet Catholic.” Episcopal means “of bishops.” The Episcopal Church traces its bishops (its ministers and clergy) and its origins back to the Apostles (the early followers of Jesus) via holy orders, which are a direct line of succession back to the time of Jesus.


For more of our rich history, click HERE or HERE. For a video tour of a typical Sunday service, with subtitled explanations, click HERE. For a simple textual outline of our church history back to the Protestant Reformation, click HERE.

About Us

Our Background

The Episcopal Church is the United States-based member church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We comprise 109 dioceses and regional areas in 17 nations. In 2015 we had 1.9 million members, being a part of the Anglican Communion of 85 million followers. The Church of the Advent is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. To receive the Diocese’s newsletter, click HERE and stay on the left side of the page.

Our Faith

Our church welcomes all who worship Jesus Christ, yet also those who are exploring their faith or who are asking serious questions about faith in general. You will be welcomed at The Church of the Advent regardless of any religious or personal status. For more information on what we believe, visit For a video tour (with annotated explanations) of a sample weekly Sunday service, click HERE.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to: 1) Restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ; 2) Have a liberating and life-giving relationship with God, each other and the Earth; 3) Love God with our whole heart, mind and soul, and love our neighbors as ourselves; and 4) Focus on the three priorities of evangelism, reconciliation and creation.

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Day Care


We have leased space to Community Action Council to provide a daycare. Contact Melissa at (859) 233-4600 x 1208, or see their website by clicking HERE.

News and Views


Our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, infused interest in the Episcopal Church at the Royal Wedding. See the story HERE. See Bishop Curry's sermon HERE. See the “Saturday Night Live” spoof of Curry by clicking HERE.

Advent's Building, Bell and Organ


Read more about our Gothic revival building and history by clicking HERE and HERE. Curious about the bell in the tower? Click HERE. Read about our Jaeckel tracker organ HERE. Why red doors? Click HERE.

The Book of Common Prayer


The BCP (our prayer book) can be found by clicking HERE for the PDF version or HERE for the text version (faster to load). The book’s history can be found HERE.

Our Hymnal


Our hymnal is online, too. The 1982 version can be found by clicking HERE. It's a beautifully organized site.

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Scripture readings and vestment colors (the clergy clothes) for any day of the week, and the Saint of the Day, can be found HERE or HERE. On the altar guild? Check out floral designs HERE.


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